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Shop theft is a major problem for many New Zealand retailers. Recent surveys have estimated the annual cost of shop theft at more than $1.2 Billion (July 2014-2016). This is a price that we all pay through higher prices and lost tax revenue as the government misses out on GST and company tax.

NATIONAL Security can assist retailers in this area by providing highly trained store Detectives who are skilled at identifying and apprehending shoplifters.

In addition, NATIONAL Security can provide retailers with a no-charge Civil Recovery service that allows for a recovery from the offender for costs incurred in the course of the apprehension.

Counting Crime [July 2014-2016 NZ Herald data]

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  • 679,641 people reported being the victim of a crime
  • The most reported offences were – Burglary, Retail Crime, Theft and Theft from Cars
  • The most common day of the day when crime was reported was SATURDAY
  • The most common time of the day crime was reported was 2:30-3:30pm
  • During this periods burglaries increased steadily, vehicle theft decreased but the number broken into has spiked several times.
  • Retail crime rose steadily but began to drop towards the end of 2016
  • Serious assaults have mainly tracked down

Be safe, look after yourself and protect your property.

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