When your alarm activates, it is critical that you have a company which can respond quickly and professionally. Whilst a prompt response may not prevent a loss occurring, it can certainly minimise the impact of the loss. Similarly, it is obviously preferable to have people attending who have been trained in this area have the appropriate back-up resources rather than putting yourself or your staff into a dangerous situation.

In addition to providing a rapid response service throughout the Auckland region, NATIONAL Security has established a network of contacted security companies which allows us to provide Alarm Response Service Nationwide. This is particularly attractive to companies with multi-branch locations who require a single service provider and point of contact.

With variable traffic conditions, NATIONAL Security cannot guarantee alarm response times, however our KPI’s indicate an average of 12-15 minutes on a 24/7 basis across the Auckland region. This compares very favorably with the industry average (20-24 minutes plus) and is comparable to Priority One attendances by the NZ Police (i.e. serious crime)

All staff (and companies) working for NATIONAL Security are fully vetted and licenses under the Private Investigations and Security Guards Act and comply with the New Zealand Security Association Codes of Practice.

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