Each application owns its database that stores and manages massive volumes of data. Data is increasing not only in its volume but also in its complexity. Nowadays, it is extremely important for businesses to keep their data safe and holistic. All the data streams should be optimized. Well-structured data and its future proper use can facilitate better customer service, marketing, and sales.

We understand all the importance of business data, so we offer fast and secure database solutions to help you to streamline your workflows and grow your business.

Our Database Development Services

Our company is specializing in database development and creates databases for large and smaller amounts of data storage.

If you need a professional database development partner to discuss any question concerning your idea, our experts will be glad to help you and discuss your database development needs with you. We will contact you as soon as possible after you send us your request.

We develop custom databases to meet your specific needs in data storage and your business requirements.

Here, at National Security, our database developers offer forms development, reports automation, advanced search features and much more for your database.

Our QA-team always applies Performance Testing to increase the efficiency and speed of database functioning. We also offer database optimization, debugging, troubleshooting, and monitoring services to solve performance issues.

We can integrate your database in any smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft SQL development

Microsoft SQL Server is a secure relational database management system that supports transaction processing, and business intelligence applications in corporations. Microsoft SQL Server can be used as the base of in-house servers for medium to large businesses that need a solution for better performance. When a client is working in a .NET environment and they are developing a web application then it is advisable to use Microsoft SQL Server as a storage solution. It is a very stable and maintainable database. You can use SQL Server in Azure. Microsoft SQL Server is not free.

MySQL Development

MySQL is a free open-source relational database. It is also reliable and lightweight which made it one of the most popular DBs for web applications in the world. Its security is based on data encryption, fine-grained authorization, and authentication services. MySQL ownership by Oracle helps it to gain trust among enterprises. Small and large companies hire MySQL developers to build their web applications using Java, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) or other development stacks.

MongoDB development

MongoDB is a free open-source non-relational database management system. It is well suited when working with a small/medium-sized dataset where speed and flexibility are priorities. MongoDB is used as a database for the modern web and mobile applications developed entirely in Javascript (Node.js, Angular, or Vuejs). It is very easy to develop an API to manage the database accesses in a secure way. MongoDB can be served as a local development database and as a production database for microservice solutions. If the use case requires transactions (e.g., financial) or are highly relational, then you would be better off going with the traditional SQL databases. If your requirements lean more towards capturing/storing big real-time unstructured data, then MongoDB is a great solution.

MariaDB Development

MariaDB is a free open-source MySQL-based relational database management system. It is often used for websites and online transactions. The list of adopters includes DBS Bank, Google, Mozilla, and many other companies. We use MariaDB mainly for web application development and for storing analytical data. MariaDB offers better database caching than MySQL and enables faster complex queries. Besides, using Cassandra Storage Engine with MariaDB you can run SQL and NoSQL in a single database system. MariaDB also supports TokuDB Storage Engine to handle big data for large organizations and corporate users near real-time.

PostgreSQL Development

PostgreSQL is an enterprise-class open source, free, stable object-relational database management system that supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying. Its users include Apple, Facebook, Spotify and many other enterprise developers and start-ups. PostgreSQL natively supports JSON and XML, and doesn’t limit the size of your databases. PostgreSQL is used as the primary data store or data warehouse for web, mobile, geospatial, and analytical applications. PostgreSQL supports a high level of performance optimization equivalent to Oracle and SQL Server and is fit for performing complicated, high-volume data operations including large and complicated analytical processes. PostgreSQL’s efficiency is growing in conjunction with Amazon RDS allowing for a focus on product and business development instead of the internal database administration duties. Such fully-managed database-as-a-service can be set up in minutes and scaled to any size a growing organization. PostgreSQL teamed up with Amazon RDS can be used for applications of any level of complexity.

SQLite Development

SQLite is a free open-source relational database management system, a popular choice in embedded database software. SQLite is widely used in mobile projects for storing offline data in the apps’ databases. Development teams may use it in the early development stage when requirements are not so strict in terms of the size of data and security. SQLite is really fast, doesn't crash, and is very easy to maintain. SQLite does not require a server to run so it saves a lot of money on physical memory and dedicated server usage.

Redis Development

Redis is a free open-source non-relational database management system that can be considered as a high-speed data cache to reduce database calls and merge live data from different sources. It’s up to 1000x faster than MySQL because Redis stores all its data in RAM. But it’s not an alternative to a database like MySQL - rather it is a complementary tool. For example, you can have several microservices that use MySQL and Redis together. Redis is extensively used in gaming applications for ranking players in multiplayer games. You could start using Redis to do new things that were otherwise impossible, hard, or too costly.

Firebase Development

Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL Database, which can be accessed and used by Android, iOS, and Web apps. You can store data in JSON format and retrieve it from the Firebase Database using the Firebase APIs. Cloud FireStore is a new version of the Firebase database that features richer, faster queries and scales further than the Realtime Database. If you need complex interactions with your data, for example in eCommerce apps, it’s recommended to use Cloud Firestore.

Our Solutions

National Security delivers robust custom database solutions to your specific needs. Before offering you the best suitable solution, we analyze your business and database requirements. Our database solutions are highly secure and easy to use. We create only such database solutions that solve your business problems. In addition, we deliver great cross-platform experience – our databases can integrate multiple data sources. Our company designs business websites with an efficient database backend, various E-commerce solutions, company portals and much more.

Our Database Developers

National Security is a reliable team of database development experts who are specializing in database-specific coding. We know every nuance of custom database development and use our knowledge to deliver maximum efficiency. We keep focusing on high-level programming as well as effective communication within our team and towards a Client. Our development team possess significant database knowledge and experience and deliver comprehensive database solutions that meet your business requirements. We are responsible for each stage of a development process: design, programming, testing, delivery, and deployment.

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